Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fernan Escora's Opening Reception: Playing with Intimacy

On July 21, 2010 the opening reception for Fernan Escora's exhibition "Playing with Intimacy" took place. It was a successful event as guests got a chance to appreciate Fernan's artwork and to speak to the esteemed artist himself.

Playing with Intimacy can be described as a thoughtful pause that is at the same time, a catharsis. It is an honest assessment of the intricacies of relationships and how the differences in expectations each person has affects the tenuous balance adversely. With parallel lines that bump against each other, the artist creates complex pictures that hint to an even more complex reality. With many darkened areas of heavily intersecting lines that figure in the background of the works is pathos emptying itself, laying the feeling bare to the feelings bare to the spectator.

Thank you to all those who came last night to support us :) For those who missed the opening, please come to White Canvas Gallery soon to view Fernan's work!

Photos Courtesy of Terence Tan of

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