Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Neighborhood: Tiong Bahru

White Canvas Gallery is located in Tiong Bahru, Singapore. The owners felt that the neighborhood lent itself to a "Soho" vibe and a gallery in their property here was just the right thing to add. The neighborhood comprises of Art Deco inspired housing complexes. The first buildings were created in the 1930s by the then British-run Singapore government. They are among the earliest public mass housing projects in Southeast Asia. The neighborhood was planned with many of the conveniences of a modern neighborhood - efficient plumbing and sewerage, a well-managed market, public parks and gardens and wide roads. It was expanded in the 1950s and the 1960s. Right now, there are a number of modern high rises surrounding the community.

What is great about Tiong Bahru is that it combines the old and the new in such a gracious and relaxed manner. Old trades that have since been long gone in other parts of Singapore, such as furniture upholstery still have active craftsmen doing their trade here. On the other hand, the charm of this neighborhood which only a few other parts of Singapore still retain has attracted a good mix of young families, yuppies and expats. The market has retained a lot of its long-time stalls and many Singaporeans go there on Sundays to have a fill of their favorite food.

White Canvas Gallery hopes to be useful to the community and to be integrated into the community life. Watch out for our scheduled shows that will feature the neighborhood through the artistry of local artists.

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