Thursday, June 3, 2010

White Canvas Gallery: A White Canvas, Infinite Possibilities

White Canvas Gallery is a new art gallery located in Tiong Bahru in Singapore. It is a product of serendipity and the collaboration of the gallery owners, the employees and the artists who contribute their art and their views.

It is a market rule that for a gallery to survive, it must be able to distinguish itself from others through a definite stand on what art is. We are a young gallery, and none of us are art experts (although we are experts in other fields related to it). All we know is that we love art and we love to share it. And even in that, we have our own different opinions. Live and let live. Enjoy the moment. That is what we think. Our lives become richer when we learn to see from other people's eyes.

For now, the gallery is a space that can be used by artists like their own white canvas. It is a place to start something new. Sometimes, things will be interesting. Sometimes, things will be great. Sometimes, not. But we believe it is trying that really counts. We believe in our artists and what they can do. And we think that others would love to see their works too.

The gallery, although it is primarily a space, is not just that. It is equally about people like art. It is about artists sharing their works. It is about people discussing and admiring the works over coffee or a meal. It is about learning, discovering, savoring, sharing. It is about conversations and relationships. After all, art is one of the things that truly make us human.

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